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Your Success Is Our Business

You and your customers don’t just exist in either a physical or digital world – you live in both. At LocalTraction we understand that. We have blended years of experience in Internet services, technology and traditional marketing to help you reach your customers – no matter where they live.

And we do it with a solution that is custom tailored to meet your needs. From Internet marketing, web strategies and search engine optimization to advertising and direct marketing, you can rest assured that we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to create a solution that fits your business needs.

Learn more about how we can build a solution for your business and start letting the world know about you, today!

About Our Company

ImageLocalTraction is a leading strategic interactive agency with one goal in mind: to help our clients drive their business through interactive marketing.

Our strength is in our experience, our drive and our proven track record. Through a unique combination of strategy, creative marketing and technical expertise we build custom-tailored solutions that allow our clients to expand their reach and profitability. Our team of exceptional business professionals is helping today’s businesses connect with their customers. From innovative strategies, services and methodologies to creating successful online customer experiences, LocalTraction gives our clients the marketing edge they need to succeed.

Our Services

Initial consultation - CLICK HERE to contact us about setting up a FREE CONSULTATION
We learn about your business and what you are and are not doing on the Internet already.
We build your custom plan to dominate your market
Pay per click advertising management
Manage your web designer to implement plan (or we can provide one)
Making minor changes to your site
Building out custom landing pages for each customer segment
Keyword research both general and competitor analysis using all tools
Ad groups set up with no more than 3 keywords in each ad group
Initial ads set up with keywords in the ad text, correct capitalization etc.
Split testing ads for EVERY ad group EVERY day
Content network campaign set up and tracking
Site placement campaign set up and tracking
Daily bid optimization
Your campaign reviewed and tweaked EVERY day
Autoresponder set up and management
Search engine optimization services
4 articles (500-750 words)/month written (more can be added at $50 per article)
Article submission to 200-1000 article directories for every article - Builds thousands of links with optimized “anchor text” . In
addition, our service is unique in that every copy of the article is “unique content” in the eyes of Google. The majority of
services out there post the same copy of the article everywhere. Google automatically ignores most of these with their
“duplicate content penalty”
Social bookmarking of articles and blog posts
Monthly consultation with web designer to insure appropriate on page elements.
Setup your blog
2-4 blog posts per week to build backlinks
Other (For every customer…pay per click management, search engine optimization or both)
Monthly status reports
Autoresponder set up and mantenance ($50/month value)
Free web hosting for up to 3 sites ($30-100/month value)
Unlimited phone, email consultations with me
Continuously updated expertise - coming soon…FaceBook and the new Internet! Within 3 months, Facebook will be included
with SEO services
100 % money back guarantee. No long term contract, month to month.
What Will this Cost?
All customers will receive a custom proposal
On average, the initial set up fee is $1200-$1500, and the monthly fee for services is $1000-$1300

Ready to Start? CLICK HERE to contact us for your free consultation

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing can generally be defined as generating sales and/or capturing leads from potential customers that are surfing the Internet.

Traditionally, this has meant trying to get your website into Google (and others) search engine rankings so that it shows up when a potential customer of yours types in a “keyword phrase”. This has become something of a mysterious black art. There are specialists and consultants that make their living working with companies to try and get their sites on the first page of Google’s search engine results for the keywords that everyone thinks will generate sales and leads. This consulting service is called search engine optimization.

Internet marketing has grown to include pay per click advertising. These are ads (when you do a Google search, they show up on the right hand side of the page) that are written by advertisers to be triggered when certain keywords or phrases are searched on. Each time a person clicks on the ad, they are sent to the advertiser’s website, and the advertiser is charged for that “click”. This is how Google makes billions of dollars.

The future of Internet marketing will be the social networking sites like Facebook. Here, the most efficient advertising will be “viral” and more “virtual word of mouth”. This is much more complex than search engine optimization and pay per click advertising, but has the potential to be much more profitable!

Our Internet marketing services include:

Dominate Your Market

Understand your customers’ searching behavior. Walk in their shoes, and understand the dialogue the searcher is having with the web. Most customers are researching or looking for a problem to solve. If you understand what problem they’re trying to solve (keywords and phrases) you can provide them with a very customized solution to it (your landing page, website…and ultimately your product).
Decide how you will track conversions. Often this is easy…it’s when you make a sale. Other times it can be trickier. If you’re a real estate agent, you’ll most likely be tracking leads. In addition, you’ll have to assign some kind of dollar value to that lead so you can determine how much advertising to spend in order to get it.
Decide on autoresponders and set them up. Autoresponders are simply a way to keep in touch with your customers and prospects. Essentially it’s automated email.
Do the keyword research
Brainstorm the core ones with a diverse group
“spy” on your competitions' using tools
use other tools to expand the core list
Group keywords by the conversation type (what is the potential customer looking for?)
If you’re a real estate agent, you’re prospects will be having different conversations if they’re looking to relocate as opposed to
someone already in your area looking to sell their house
Build landing pages on your site for each conversation type
You’d want the two different potential customers above to go to two different pages within your site, because you want to
highlight the different value propositions you’re bringing to the table…to solve their particular problem.
Set up your own blog
Set up your adwords campaign using the keywords, groupings and landing pages
Monitor and test…EVERY DAY
Split test ads every day
Adjust bids every day
Get rid of non-performing keywords every day
As soon as a great “money term” is found, start the search engine optimization process for that term
Market 2-3 articles per week (or even more)
Make blog postings on your blog and others’
Answer posts on forums and yahoo answers
Move great “money terms” to Yahoo and Bing pay per click advertising engines
Rinse and repeat this process every 90 days!

This probably looks overwhelming. However, if you know what you’re doing…it’s very straightforward. We can help. Check out our services to see exactly how. With just a bit of effort on your part, you can DOMINATE your market. Doing this effectively really is like bringing a gun to a knife fight. And…it’s your competitor’s that will have the knife!

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